Three scientific seminars have been organized

1 . Advanced Methods for Studying the Processes of Mixed Conductivity
11 - 12 December 2015, Sapareva Bania, Bulgaria

2. Advancements in the Development of an Innovative Design of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
12 - 13 May 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

3. New Trends for Storage and Conversion of Energy from RES - From Materials to Systems
26 - 28 November 2017, Hisarya, Bulgaria

Different scientific research groups with interests in the IMOOD subject field took part in the seminars. The presentations were useful for PhD students interested in SOFCs.

iCREATE Childrens' Worshops for Science, High Technologies, and Art

The iCREATE childrens' workshops took place on May 24, 2015, the Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day. The indoor and outdoor workshops were held under beautiful sunny weather in front of and in Vivacom Art Hall, a popular venue for exhibitions, cultural happenings, and educational events in the center of Sofia. Nearly one thousand children (ages 5-14) and parents participated together in the interactive workshops from early morning into the late afternoon. The chemistry-oriented workshops were set up around the scientific world of green energy – the energy that keeps the sky blue, the water green, the air – fresh, the prices – low.

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MachTech & InnoTech EXPO 15

The seminar “Advanced methods for studying the processes of mixed conductivity” was held on 11 - 12 December 2015 in Sapareva Bania, Bulgaria. The event was co-organized by Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems (IEES-BAS), Institute of Catalysis (IC-BAS) and Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE-BAS). The IMOOD partners from IEES-BAS, IK-BAS and INRNE-BAS presented advanced techniques and methods applied in the study of the conductivity processes. The presentations were useful for PhD students interested in SOFCs.